Conference and Accommodation Facilities

 KEWI offers variety conference facilities at reasonable costs as follows:

Our Rates

No Facilities Charges
1 Hire of Conference Hall (100pax) Kshs. 8,170.00 per day
2 Hire of Boardroom (10pax) Kshs. 4,640.00 per day
3 Buffet Lunch Kshs. 1,160.00 per day/pax
4 Full board Accommodation Kshs. 2,900.00 per day/pax
5 Half Board Accommodation Kshs. 2,000.00 per day/pax
6 Bed and Breakfast Kshs. 1200.00 per day/pax
7 Bed Only Kshs. 800.00 per day/pax
8 Hire of ground for functions (without chairs and tents) Kshs. 11,600 per day



Accommodation facilities for guests



Main conference Hall (Max 100pax)