Clubs & Societies

The Synergistic Club

Mission of The Synergistic Club

  • To Foster awareness of community in  water affairs
  • To educate the public on conservation and hygienic utilization of water in all communities.
  • To Harness and responsibility user our natural resource to realize our vision 2030 and millennium development goals

Christian Union


  • Weekend Challenges
  • Prayers
  • Keshas
  • Prayer and fasting meetings
  • Retreats

The Red Cross Club

Mission of the club
To work with vigor and compassion through different networks and with communities to present and alleviate human suffering and save life of the most vulnerable.
Helping the homeless and less unfortunate especially in children’s home.
Assisting the students in case of any injury or an accident within the school as in the case of KETESA Games.

Core Values

  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Trust
  • Service to humanity

Muslim Union

Muslim Club members at Fourteen Falls