Commitments and Responsibilities of the Governing Council:

Ensuring that public services are delivered in accordance with national laws, regulations and policies, Ensuring modernization of the public services by introduction of modern technologies and innovative procedures and systems to improve service delivery; Ensuring that public officers demonstrate professionalism, transparency and accountability in performing their duties and that they show courtesy, integrity and neutrality in dealing with citizens; Setting comprehensive performance targets and ensuring their achievement.; Cascading the contract to all departments, sections, units, levels and cadres of employees and grass-root institutions for the purpose of a complete integration of the process. KEWI will develop a Performance Appraisal System (PAS) in order to link the Institutional performance to that of individual employees; Preparing employees in the organization for the desired changes in working styles, attitudes and work ethics; Ensuring progressive realization of the Bill of Rights; Reviewing and implementing strategic plan and ensuring that it is linked to MTP II and Ensure promotion of National Cohesion and Integration.

Members of KEWI Governing Council

Eng. Peter Odhiambo Wanday Representative of Professional Bodies
Mrs. Nancy Mugure Waweru Representative of Public Universities
Ms. Caroline Mugwe Representative of Principal Secretary, Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation
Ms. Lesley Khayadi Rep. Principal Secretary, Ministry of Devolution and Planning
Mr. Peter Kihara Representative of Private Community-based Water and Sanitation Programmes
Mr. Festus Mwanzi Representative of Principal Secretary, The National Treasury
Mr. Eric Cherop Koima Representative of Registered Water Users Association
Mr. Kennedy R.O Riaga Ag. Director/CEO and Secretary to the Governing Council

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