Kenya Water Institute has today made another bold move after an agreement was reached at between Confederation of Danish Industries and the Institute to engage in trainings and other opportunities on 7th October, 2021.

The Confederation of Danish industries is Denmark’s largest and influential business and employers’ organization covering manufacturing and service industries across major sectors with its head office in Copenhagen.

The Confederation which has a niche in technical training institution with a focus on water infrastructure and related training areas came up with the proposal to cooperate with the Institute in implementing some of the project activities.

Those activities are aimed at achieving the training of trainers in water sector, selection of students who will be participating, capacity building related activities, project management and the development, registration and assessment of the proposed CBET curriculum.

The Confederation of Danish Industries East Africa Regional Manager Klaus Lehn Christensen exuded confidence that the engagement with the Institute will promote decent work for over 700 students within the construction in Kenya through their cooperation to improve TVET for the water sector.

The TVET Institution will promote green transition in the construction sector for improved demand, responsive training and certification, ‘Our engagement with you {KeWI} will bring about a transformation in water sector through training of the trainers so as to promote decent work for over 700 students within the construction sector ‘, Klaus Lehn Christensen.

The cooperation will ensure that the TVET Institutions and social partners in Kenya promotes an improved gender balance and equal opportunities in the construction sector in Kenya through TVET access, training outcomes and sustainable development competencies.

Kenya Water Institute Director Prof. Patrick Hayombe applauded the suggestions made and promised a solid engagement with Confederation of Danish Industries to achieve the outcomes of the cooperation between the two partners.




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