Kenya Water Institute Kitui Campus was opened on 23rd January, 2012 at Syongila ACK church rented premises with a total student population of 72, 8 teaching staff and 13 support staff. The campus now operates in its own buildings on a 10 acre piece of land at Manyenyoni area, in addition to the rented premises at Syongila, and has a student population of over 200, Academic staff of 25 and 16 support staff.

 KEWI Kitui Campus is located within walking distance from the fast growing Kitui town. The cost of goods and services in Kitui town is relatively low, making the Campus ideal for those students who are not able to afford the college’s full board charges. Such students are spoilt for choice on affordable accommodation, food, provisions as well as entertainment options available near Campus. Consequently, most of the students in the Campus are day scholars.

 The Campus has a wide catchment area, with a good student mix from all over Kenya, but with a large percentage coming from Coast, Eastern and Northern Kenya.

These are the Programs offered:

1. Diploma in Water EngineeringKCSE Mean Grade C- with at least D+ in Mathematics,
Physics, Chemistry or Physical Science and Biology
Three yearsKshs. 23,100
2. Diploma in Water Resources Technology and
3. Certificate in Water EngineeringKCSE Mean Grade D+ with at least D in Mathematics,
Physics, Chemistry or Physical Science and Biology
Two yearsKshs. 21,800
4. Certificate in Water Resources Technology and
5. Water Operators Course in:
 Water Supply
 Meter Reading
 Sewerage Operations
KCSE Mean Grade D- with at least D- in English,
Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Physical
Kshs. 21,800
6. Plumbing and Pipe Fitting

 The Campus’s Manyenyoni site is has a huge potential for further development, with a physical plan having been completed recently. The existing structures on site are well served with road, electricity, water services, as well as broadband internet and WIFI access. The campus hopes to relocate fully to this site in the next one year.

 KEWI Kitui Campus is well equipped with a library, two computer labs, two vehicles (Isuzu bus and Toyota Van) among other facilities. The Campus maintains a very cordial working relationship with the local stakeholders, and our symbiotic relationships have led to number of achievements, including

1.    A dining hall and kitchen construction project nearing completion at Manyenyoni site, funded by the  Kitui Central CDF

2.    A number of organizations and intuitions availing their facilities for students exposure visits, practicals and internships

3.    The Campus offers consultancy services

4.    Both private and public organizations provide employment opportunities to our graduates