Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives


 A World Class Centre of Excellence in Training, Research and Consultancy in the Water Sector


To offer Competency-Based Training, Research, Consultancy and Outreach Services in the Water Sectorfor sustainable development

The KEWI Strategic objectives are to:

1.      To improve access, quality and relevance of training programmes;

2.      To upgrade the research function of the Institute;

3.      To strengthen consultancy and advisory services;

4.      To meet and exceed customer expectations;

5.      To strengthen internal corporate governance systems;

6.      To enhance institutional capacity.

Core Values
KEWI is guided by the following core values:

  1. Good Corporate Governance: We are committed to acting with honesty, fairness, accountability, transparency, and ethics in our operations at all times;
  2. Professionalism: We shall maintain high standards in the discharge of responsibilities and delivery of services by abiding to professional considerations on the methods, standards and procedures in our work;
  3. Customer focus: We are committed to always placing the customer at the core of the Institute’s business and ensuring high quality of service at all times;
  4. Innovativeness: We are committed to fostering a climate which encourages innovation and continuous learning;
  5. Inclusivity: We are committed to the principle of teamwork and collaboration with our stakeholders. We shall encourage inclusiveness, respect for diversity of ideas, peoples and cultures;
  6. Patriotism: We shall demonstrate a sense of devotion and personal identification with the Institute;
  7. Sustainable development: We are committed to supporting the realization of water and food security for sustainable development.